Owner/Operators – Work Comp Premium

If you are tired of fighting work comp companies who charge premium for wages paid to owner/operators then we have the solution for you in 3 easy steps: Have owner/operators obtain a “No Payroll Policy” from State Fund. Obtain a certificate of insurance from each owner/operator. Quit paying premium on owner/operators! Why Work Comp Companies […]

Work Comp Rate Decreases!

Work comp rate decreases are here! Well, maybe. The workers compensation insurance rating bureau (WCIRB) has recommended a 10.2% rate DECREASE effective July 1, 2015.   The final step is for the insurance commissioner, Dave Jones, to accept the recommendation. What does this mean to you? It depends on how you approach the market on your […]

Avoid Premium on Insurance Audits

Ever have an insurance audit for your general liability or work comp and then get an unexpected invoice in the mail a short time after? Here are the top 3 ways to avoid that from happening: Monthly Reporting of Work Comp – Have policy set to “monthly reporting” as opposed to installments. This is a […]

The Nightmare of Unresolved Work Comp Claims

Trying to understand how work comp claims get resolved is more convoluted than the NFL playoff tiebreaker system . AccuSure is here to help simplify how the process works and to provide you a tool to communicate with your agent and/or claim adjusters to understand how a specific claim will be resolved. Understanding how a […]

How to Complete Your OSHA Required – 300 Log Posting

It’s that time of the year! OSHA requires that employers post the summary of their OSHA 300 log from 02/01 until 04/30 of the previous year.   And while OSHA provides a very detailed instruction pamphlet (https://www.osha.gov/recordkeeping/new-osha300form1-1-04.pdf), it is a bit exhausting. We have taken the OSHA provided excel spreadsheet and color-coded the areas that you […]

1099 Contractors Causing Problems on Work Comp Audits 4

We are all looking to operate as lean as possible and many employers turn to 1099 employees to reduce tax and insurance burden. But a big question remains: if they file a work comp claim, would it be covered? Can the insurance company charge premium on a work comp audit? These are Important for you […]

General Contractors – Don’t get a Change Order Because of Safety

Integrating Safety into the Project Procurement Process  –   Subcontractor safety management presents one of the most challenging tasks for project management teams. Occasionally, subcontractors lack adequate internal resources to effectively manage safety. Some subcontractors fabricate or adopt a basic safety program to meet the requirements of the general contractor. Others just lack a safety […]

Part I: Best Practices for Hiring – Minimize Employment Liability

We are honored to welcome Keith A. Fink of Fink & Steinberg a renowned attorney based in Los Angeles with offices in San Francisco, Las Vegas and Macau. Mr. Fink has handled a wide variety of cases in state and federal courts throughout the country. He has successfully taken to trial and received verdicts in favor of his […]

Restaurant Insurance Exclusions 1

Restaurants are being sued every day. This industry faces unique challenges because of the nature of the business: food handling, liquor liability and driving exposures that differ from most other industries. Combine these exposures with complex insurance policies and it is easy for Restaurants to find themselves in trouble with gaps in coverage. Here are […]